Get a right liquidity provider for your cryptocurrency exchange

A unique set of liquidity management solution enables companies and finance departments to truly look after it. Liquidity Management Solutions provides specialized software and support for customers who are looking for more control over cash flow and stop short-term and long-term cash flows every month.

This methodology includes estimating short-term cash flows for long-term needs and financing plans. Cash positions in joint organizations (not just treasury) are driven by consumers and can include non-cash working capital positions that reflect the behavior of working capital and the overall position of working capital management.

Extrapolate short and medium-term budgets or long-term scenarios (up to 30 years) using a comprehensive analytical statistical estimation method to assess the profitability and sustainability of a company from funding and results. This tool also offers Assistance in assessing the feasibility of a new strategy, project or product. It has never been easier to assess the availability of an annual budget and monitor it with forecasts of the latest and revised financial periods.

Our Liquidity management Software is a module that downloads data from existing accounting systems and provides a complete and independent way to manage liquidity risk without affecting existing data. The dashboard component provides a cut and cube perspective from various components of the cash flow cycle. The ability to maximize inventory and minimize funding costs is more important for operational liquidity in the processing of payments and daily receipts, as well as for tactical liquidity in managing the position of the central bank and related safe and insecure sources of funding. Fully integrated with messaging and payment systems, with direct access to national and international clearing and settlement infrastructure. The management software has the money management capabilities at each location throughout the company. Automation features, flexible options, and online monitoring capabilities provide the back office with effective, but mostly controlled, centralized management tools. Increase productivity while reducing risks associated with solutions based on manual assimilation of information from various applications that are often geographically distributed.

Both the application and the technology platform is designed for processing high-volume and real-time online transactions, incorporating full fault tolerance into its standard, and combining liquidity management capabilities in line with sending messages and payments in one integrated feature. enables the realization of profits and production management.

The software can be implemented as a purely strategic tool to determine financing needs or to assess profitability or as an operational cash management tool that is a strategic tool. The value of software increases exponentially when it is included in the company’s money management and monitoring and budgeting processes. This is a very practical tool for daily use in the business area and at the head office.