How and Where to Buy Edgelon Crypto in 2022?

Did you already hear about Lorde Edge (EDGELON)?

If you’re following the news from the crypto world, you may have heard about something that happened a few months ago that has something to do with this token.

Exactly! In November of last year, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, unexpectedly changed his Twitter name to “Lorde Edge.”

Even though there was no evidence that Elon Musk had anything to do with the Lorde Edge coin, cryptocurrency enthusiasts continued to drive up the price despite this.

Although the identity of the coin’s creators is unclear, the cryptocurrency does appear to have a website, Twitter account, and Telegram channel.

Let’s see how and where to buy Edgelon crypto in 2022.

  • What is Edgelon?

The sentence you can find on Edgelon’s website as an explanation of the crypto is “$EDGELON (Lorde Edge) is the first of its kind token celebrating the Dogefather and crypto CEO, Elon Musk!”.

Elon Musk’s change of name to “Lorde Edge” sparked some rumors that Musk, who is known for praising the rise of particular cryptocurrencies, is endorsing Dogecoin once again.

Dogecoin (DOGE) was the first meme token, and it was created as a joke to mock Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrency tokens that were being created at the time. 

Billy Markus, one of Dogecoin’s co-founders, tweeted that Lorde Edge is an anagram for Elder Doge.

The Edgelon Coin is the same as Dogecoin, one of the meme tokens that has experienced rapid growth in the current crypto market. 

  • Facts you must know before investing in Edgelon

  • The Edgelon coin is a meme token in general, which makes it a useful and powerful token, considering that meme tokens occupied the cryptocurrency space for a considerable part of 2021.

  • It is crucial to understand that, despite being named after Elon Musk’s Twitter handle, the Lorde Edge coin has nothing to do with the Tesla and SpaceX founder and has no known connections to him.

  • Running on the Ethereum network, the Edgelon coin qualifies as an ERC-20 token. As a result, transactions involving the Lorde Edge coin will be supported on the Ethereum network.

  • At the moment of writing this article, the coin has a twenty-four-hour trading volume of up to 1,836.92 USD.

  • The contract address of the Edgelon token is 0xcf58b4e4863c0d085bd1c65b3f2932e261547fab
  • Where to Buy Edgelon Crypto?

By exchanging Ethereum for the Lorde Edge token through the above-mentioned contract address, you can buy the Lorde Edge token on Trust Wallet via the Uniswap exchange.

Just don’t forget that the Edgelon is one of the tokens you can’t buy directly with cash, but you have to buy the Ethereum first and then swap it for the Edgelon.

  • How to Buy Edgelon Crypto?

Though primary exchanges and trading platforms like Binance and Coinbase don’t support the Edgelon token, you are still able to purchase the coin through other means.

Here is a quick and easy way to get the Edgelon token:

  • Register on the Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange

For instance, thanks to Binance and Coinbase it is pretty simple to trade Bitcoin or any other digital currency for fiat money.

If you already have a digital currency, you can simply use that one to exchange for the currency you prefer on one of these exchanges.

However, if you don’t have any yet, this tutorial will show you how to buy some, but first, you have to sign up for one of these exchanges.

  • Withdraw ETH to the Trust Wallet

Due to Edgelon crypto being a meme coin, the following action you’ll have to take is to withdraw the bought ETH to the Trust Wallet platform. 

  • Swap ETH for the Lorde Edge Token

The user can exchange Ethereum for the Lorde Edge token by choosing the Uniswap exchange from the DApps menu on the Trust Wallet platform. On the Uniswap exchange, convert ETH into the EDGELON token to receive the coin saved in the wallet.

Ensure you have enough ETH in your wallet to pay the transaction fees.

  • Last Step: Store EDGELON securely in hardware wallets

Once you’ve bought it, transfer the EDGELON to your wallet. We will always recommend using a hardware wallet.

Even though a cloud wallet like Trust Wallet is an acceptable choice, a hardware wallet is still one of the best options out there. It is a device made specifically to securely store cryptocurrency.

Be sure to keep your hardware wallet in a secure, offline place when you’re not using it.

They’re absolutely impossible to access unless you use the secure protocol to send or receive your crypto. Two preferred choices are the Ledger and the Trezor.

Whichever you choose, it is a must-have item if you value your security.

  • Is EDGELON listed on Coinmarketcap?

Yes, you can find it listed on Coinmarketcap. Here you are able to see the prices and trading volume.

  • Is it possible to buy Lorde Edge with cash?

As we said in this article before, you can’t buy EDGELON with cash. That’s why you have to buy ETH first and then exchange it for Lorde Edge.

  • Conclusion

Even though meme coins are made out of a joke, they can offer a great deal of potential for gains, and they could make you a fortune pretty quickly. Social media platforms specifically have had a significant impact on their growth. Most of these projects are more community-driven than other projects, and there are fewer use cases.

Yet, finding the ideal asset can be difficult. Is it a good idea to invest in digital assets when buying cryptocurrencies? That’s a question you might ask yourself. It’s essential to remember that meme cryptos have benefits and drawbacks, but that is the subject of another article.


The information in the post isn’t financial advice. It is intended for general information purposes only.