Start a crypto business in Estonia

If you are thinking of starting any crypto business then Start a crypto business in Estonia. Estonia is full of opportunities in the crypto world. It is one of the most friendly countries for crypto companies. However, Estonia is a well-respected country in the whole European union. It means if your crypto company is registered in Estonia then your company will be respectable in the whole of Europe and you will get more exposure from all of Europe.

Why you should start a crypto business in Estonia?

There are multiple factors, which attract everyone towards Estonia for the crypto business. As per the reports, Estonia has issued more than 900 licenses for crypto and blockchain business. Some major factors which attract people to start a crypto business in Estonia are given below:

1: Easy business registration process:

The business registration process in Estonia is very simple and fast like preparing any coffee. You can register your business online within 20 minutes. such fast and reliable services are available for European citizens or for those foreigners who are holding e-residency. So make sure, if you don’t have an e-residency, then apply for it so that you can avail of all business-related services. Talking about registration fees, Estonia has set up very low fees. As per the government website fees structure is given below:- * Private limited liability company registration fees:- 190 Euros (you must have an initial share capital of 2500 euros) * Registration fees for E residency: 100 Euros

2: Obtain crypto business license easily:

So to Start a crypto business in Estonia, you must have a crypto license. Currently, Estonia issuing licenses very easily and offering two types of type of license for those who are basically a wallet service provider and another type of license is for those who are dealing in virtual currency exchanges. It takes up to 30 days to get a license and cost you approximately 345 euros. By the way, there is no tough phase to get a crypto business license but keep this in mind that you need to submit a police background check report because Estonia is very much strict against money laundering cases.

3: Manage your company by sitting at home:

Estonia is the best destination of all digital nomads, who want to start a crypto business in Estonia. Estonia E-Residency program has removed all the boundaries to start a business in Estonia. With new policies, one person remotely can manage any Estonia company. One more the biggest difference o Estonia policies among other countries business policies are, Estonia does not force the companies to generate employment in Estonia. You can manage your business by sitting at home and no need to set up any local office within Estonia

4: Best tax policies for businesses:

Estonia does not only support the ease of doing business but also promotes them to grow more by reinvesting their profits. If the company does not distribute the profits and reinvest it in your business then you don’t need to pay any tax. You can operate totally tax-free.

If you are considering yourself to become a crypto entrepreneur in the future, don’t think too much. Take your steps forward towards Estonia and Start a crypto business.

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